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26/05/2018 - 08:19
“No person shall be denied the right to education” The influence of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Right to education and Rights in education: 1950-2004


Table of Contents:

1. Preface: about the European association for Education Law and Policy
2. Foreword

Part I: Introductory

  1. The right to education
  2. Summary of the key education cases before the ECtHR
  3. Overview of the key education cases before the ECtHR
  4. Tables of ratification of the ECHR and Protocols
  5. List of Reservations and Declarations made with Respect to Article 2 of the Protocol to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
Part II: The impact of the ECHR on the Right to Education and Rights in education within the signatories
  1. Albania: N. Mita & A. Anastasi 
  2. Andorra: P. Pastor Villanova 
  3. Austria: W. Berka 
  4. Belgium (Flemish Community): G. Lauwers & J. De Groof
  5. Bulgaria: L. Yosifov
  6. Czech Republic: P. Katzova  
  7. Denmark: O. Kyed, C. Ringsmose, K. Baltzer 
  8. Estonia: J. Ginter & J. Ginter
  9. Finland: P. Gynther 
  10. France: A. Legrand 
  11. Germany: H. Avenarius, H-P. Fuessel & I. Richter
  12. Hungary: L. Farkas
  13. Iceland: O. Arnardottir 
  14. Italy: C. Piciocchi  
  15. Latvia: S. Novicka
  16. Lithuania: S. Vidrinskaite 
  17. Netherlands: P. Zoontjens, B. Vermeulen & D. Mentink 
  18. Norway: S. Klingstedt  
  19. Poland: M. Kwiek 
  20. Portugal: A. Barbas-Homem 
  21. Romania: M. Ionescu & C. Balasoiu 
  22. Russian Federation: I. Rozjkov, V. Spasskaja & G. Lauwers  
  23. Slovakia: J. Vantuch
  24. Slovenia: Z. Kodelja 
  25. Spain: A. Embid Irugo   
  26. Sweden: S. Gustafsson 
  27. Turkey: B. Aydagul  
  28. UK – Great Britain: N. Harris
  29. UK - Northern Ireland: L. Lundy  
  30. Ukraine: G. Kasianov 

Concluding Remarks


- Selection of main educational provisions in European and international law
- Convention against discrimination in education
- Protocol no. 12 to the convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms
- Resolution 2001/29 from the commission on human rights on the right to education
- International consultative conference on school education in relation with freedom of religion and belief, tolerance and non-discrimination
- Constitutional provisions of the member states

The contributing authors