Studies on Human Rights in Education
The Series “Human Rights in Education” is a series that seeks to give impetus and direction to international human rights in education. The series fosters participation of legal experts in educational activities through its joint publication and comparative analyses. The series brings the educational problems at the core of development. It forges cooperative links with ministries and non-governmental organizations.
The series are written within the framework of international conferences and roundtables on these issues.
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ERcover.gifNo Person Shall Be Denied The Right To Education:
The influence of the European convention on human rights on the right to education and rights in education
by Jan De Groof ,
Gracienne Lauwers (editors)

November 2004, 725 pp.
ISBN 90-5850-098-5
Published by Wolf Legal Publishers
EUR 50.00,-


Wolf Legal Publishers - Goirkestraat 185 - 5046 GJ Tilburg - The Netherlands

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RightToEdu07.jpgThe Right to Education and Rights in Education
by Jan De Groof
Gracienne Lauwers
Kishore Singh
2006, 426 p.
ISBN/ISSN: 9058501205
Published by Wolf Legal Publishers
EUR 50,00-

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