Piet Akkermans Memorial Lecture
The Piet Akkermans Memorial Lectures are held as a recurring activity with the purpose to strengthen the discussions on fundamental European challenges.
The European Association for Education Law and Policy and the College of Europe (Bruges), to be considered as institutions furthering European cooperation in the educational and cultural fi eld, have a responsibility towards promoting discussions on important European challenges that lie ahead.
It is our hope that the Piet Akkermans Memorial Lectures will prove to be the right platform for such a role. At the same time, it is a great honour that we can pay in this way tribute to Piet Akkermans.

Professor Dr. Jan De Groof,
President of the European Association for Education Law and Policy
Professor at the College of Europe and ‘TIAS’ (University of Tilburg, the Netherlands)

Professor Dr. Paul Demaret,
Rector of the College of Europe

Professor Dr. Robert Picht,
Director of the Programme of European General and Interdisciplinary Studies at the College of Europe.

Seventh Lectures (2009)
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Queen’s University Belfast – ‘The 20th Anniversary of the Convention of the Child: the impact on education rights in Europe’

Hans-Eberhard ZAHN,
Stiftung Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen – ‘The 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall – Using the remains of the Stasi headquarters as a space for truth and for educating against indifference’

Sixth Lectures (2008)
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President of Al Quds (Jerusalem) University, Former Negotiator for the Palestinian Authority,
Holder of the UNESCO Chair of “Freedom of Expression” , Author of the autobiography ”Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life”

Fifth Lectures (2007)
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Government Commissioner for Universities (Belgium), Professor at the College of Europe (Bruges) and Tilburg University, President of the European Association for Education Law and Policy

Judge in the Belgian constitutional court, Professor at the University of Antwerp, Chairperson of the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

Judge in the Constitutional Court of South-Africa

Principal Adviser to the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (to the President of the European Commission), Former Minister of Science and Higher Education of Portugal

Fourth Lectures (2005)
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Mgr. A.H. van Luyn

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Vladyka Dimitrij
Archbishop of Tobolsk  and  Tyumen
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Third Lectures (2004)

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Godfried Cardinal Danneels
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Ján Figel’,
European Commissioner for Education, Culture, and Multilingualism
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J.S. Verma,
Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India, Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission of India
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Maria J.A.van der Hoeven,
Minister of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands, Chairperson of the European Council of Ministers of Education (July-December 2004)

Second Lectures (2003)
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Professor Dr. Emilio Platti,
Professor at the “Institut d’Etudes Orientales” - Cairo, the “Katholieke Universiteit” - Louvain,
the “Institut Catholique de Paris”
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Imam Yahya Hendi,
Spokesman of the Islamic Jurisprudence Council of North America, Muslim Chaplain at Georgetown University,
Washington D.C.

Professor Dr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin,
Member of the Council of State of the Netherlands, Professor of International Law - Tilburg University,
Former Minister of Justice of the Netherlands, Member of the EU Convention for the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.
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First Lectures (2002)

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Where available the lecture speeches are provided electronically in full text.

Prof. Dr. Giuliano AMATO
Vice-president of the Constitutional Convention

Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for the European Integration, Human Rights and Minorities

Mr. Jean-Luc DEHAENE
Minister of State, Vice-President of the European Convention

Prof. Dr. Bronislaw GEREMEK
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Mdme. Vivianne REDING
European Commissioner for Education and Culture
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First OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities
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