ELA Board and Staff

ELA Board

The Board  is responsible for approving and for controlling the Association’s policy and work programme. Members of the board are:

  • Piet Akkermans† (Rector of the College of Europe)
  • Jan De Groof - President (Belgium - College of Europe, Chargé de Mission to UNESCO for the Right to Education)
  • Antonio Barbas Homem (Portugal - University of Lisbon)
  • Walter Berka (Austria - Universität Salzburg)
  • Germain Dondelinger† (Luxemburg - Ministère de la Culture de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche)
  • Antonio Embid Irujo (Spain - Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • Theodore Fortsakis (Greece - University of Athens)
  • Hans Peter Füssel (Germany – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
  • Charles Glenn (USA - Boston University)
  • Dympna Glendenning (Ireland)
  • Stig Klingstedt (Norway)
  • Gracienne Lauwers (Belgium – University of Antwerp)
  • André Legrand (France - University Paris X-Nanterre)
  • Paul Meredith (United Kingdom - University of Southampton)
  • Frank Nordberg (Sweden - National Agency for Higher Education)
  • Ben Vermeulen (Netherlands – Free University Amsterdam)
  • Paul Zoontjens (Netherlands - Tilburg University)
ELA Staff
  • The Managing Director (Dr. Gracienne Lauwers) is responsible for the strategic development of the Association’s policy and work programme.
  • The technical assistant to the managing director edites, designes, and produces the Association’s newsletter, publications, and promotional materials.
  • The secretariat provides administrative support for the implementation of the Association’s policy and work programme. It also provides assistance to fellows.
  • The librarian (Mr. Stefan Van Lier) is responsible for the Association’s specialised library.
  • The managing editor of the International Journal for Education Law and Policy, manages the Journal’s blind review process and edits all accepted articles to meet the Journal’s editorial standards.
  • Research teams are responsible for the implementation of a specific action of the Association’s work programme. The coordinator of a research team also directs the Association’s dissemination and publicity efforts and manages its media relations efforts on that topic.