ELA Board and Staff
Prof. Gracienne Lauwers (PhD) is board member of the European Association for Education Law and Policy and combines this job with teaching the courses 'comparative education law and policy', 'education law', 'European education law and policy', and 'internationalisation of education and training’. She is professor 'hoogleraar' at the Vytautas Magnus University (Faculty of Law), and lectures at the Free University of Brussels (Faculty of Law), the University of Vilnius (Faculty of Law), the University of Trento (Faculty of Law), the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia), and Tirana Business University (Albania). She was responsible from 2005 till 2015 for developing '2043OIWORE education law' and '2044OIWIOO internationalisation of education and training' at the University of Antwerp (Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Educational Sciences) and has written numerous articles on education law.

Education history
• Ph.D. Law, University of Tilburg, 2005
• master (J.D.) Law, University of Leuven, 1991
• bachelor (B.Phil) Law, University of Leuven, 1988
• master in Slavonic Studies, University of Leuven, 1988
• bachelor in Slavonic Studies, University of Leuven, 1986

Email: glauwers@me.com

ELA Board

The Board  is responsible for approving and for controlling the Association’s policy and work programme. Members of the board are:

  • Gracienne Lauwers (Belgium – University of Antwerp)
  • Piet Akkermans† (Rector of the College of Europe)
  • Antonio Barbas Homem (Portugal - University of Lisbon)
  • Walter Berka (Austria - Universität Salzburg)
  • Jan De Groof (Belgium - College of Europe, Chargé de Mission to UNESCO for the Right to Education)
  • Germain Dondelinger† (Luxemburg - Ministère de la Culture de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche)
  • Antonio Embid Irujo (Spain - Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • Theodore Fortsakis (Greece - University of Athens)
  • Hans Peter Füssel (Germany – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
  • Charles Glenn (USA - Boston University)
  • Dympna Glendenning (Ireland)
  • Stig Klingstedt (Norway)
  • André Legrand (France - University Paris X-Nanterre)
  • Paul Meredith (United Kingdom - University of Southampton)
  • Frank Nordberg (Sweden - National Agency for Higher Education)
  • Ben Vermeulen (Netherlands – Free University Amsterdam)
  • Paul Zoontjens (Netherlands - Tilburg University)
ELA Staff 
  • The technical assistant to the director edites, designes, and produces the Association’s newsletter, publications, and promotional materials.
  • The secretariat provides administrative support for the implementation of the Association’s policy and work programme. It also provides assistance to fellows.
  • The librarian is responsible for the Association’s specialised library.
  • The managing editor of the International Journal for Education Law and Policy, manages the Journal’s blind review process and edits all accepted articles to meet the Journal’s editorial standards.
  • Research teams are responsible for the implementation of a specific action of the Association’s work programme. The coordinator of a research team also directs the Association’s dissemination and publicity efforts and manages its media relations efforts on that topic.